What We Do

We work with major retailers to supply pallets and packaging that meet their requirements. We collaborate with the retailer, suppliers and third-party manufactures to design pallets and packaging that protect the product and customers throughout the supply chain.


How We Do It

Over 25 years of pallet design, testing and manufacturing experience paired with industry leading pallet design and analysis software is used to design pallets specifically fit to each suppliers product while understanding the supply chain demands of each retailer.



Pallet specification drawing

Why Walk Global?

During a volunteer trip to South Sudan in 2002, Walk Global founder John Conway recognized that using developed world technologies must come with an understanding of the capabilities and culture of the local community. Applying this foundation to both developed and lesser developed wood pallet industries, Walk Global builds strong partnerships with pallet and packaging manufacturers where we work. We transfer our pallet design, standards and pallet manufacturing experience our partners pallet manufacturing capabilities. The result is a finished product that is built and designed to internationally recognized pallet standards.

Walk Global pallets are manufactured to the US National Standard ANSI-MH1.

Pallet Collars
Pallet Collars


Our main office is in Fredericksburg, VA (USA). We have a business office in Hong Kong and our Asia office is based in Qingdao, China.

Where we work


Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico,
Peru and US (design-only)


China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Israel, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia


Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania

UK and Europe

UK, Poland

New locations are added upon customer demand

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